This is science woman!


Once upon a time, I was a wee master student in Cognitive Neuroscience. I took all my courses very seriously; and one course discussed a different paper every other week and required us to write what they called, without little other instruction, a “critical note”.

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Why tell Cogtales?

But Christina, there are so many blogs out there about Cognitive Science, women in science, being a scientist, doing good science! Why do you think we need yet another one?
Well, I agree, there are many great blogs out there that address almost everything I care about. But as Sho writes, very few do so from the eyes of a “early career researcher” who happens to be a woman interested in brains, babies, and so much more.

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Sharing Cogtales with my Favorite Colleague

I love reading blogs, and when I need a little break, I often find myself scrolling through science blogs. Or fashion blogs. The former are mostly written by men (with the occasional blog by a senior female colleague). The latter are mostly written by young women. And the thing is, I find myself spending way more time reading through the latter. Not because I love fashion more than science. But because I can better relate to the bloggers’ perspective, and it resonates with me.

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