Launch Liked by Women and Men Alike


Yesterday we announced CogTales on Facebook. And despite the fact that we used a wording like “perspective of female researchers”, we got a roughly equal number of likes, comments, and private messages from both genders.

I debated with myself whether or not I should share this observation. Because, what does the fact that I find it worth mentioning imply? That I was implicitly assuming all my male Facebook contacts were ignorant assholes that didn’t care about women?

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Let’s talk Methods

The topic of “New Methods” or “New Statistics” is a vocation for some, a pet subject for others, an unavoidable obstacle for yet others. And finally, it is an expression unheard of, or at least unfamiliar, to many*.

Whichever way we stand on this subject, however, what seems clear is that sooner or later we need to face it in some way or the other. And although this means that it is unavoidable, I am convinced that it is a topic that moves our field forward and carries long-term benefits.

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A chat with Sho about going to conferences

Christina: “So, Sho, we were recently in Boston attending the annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD). Let’s chat a bit about conferencing as a post doc. How, if at all, did attending a conference change between being a PhD student and a post doctoral researcher?”


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