The Reproducibility Project – a personal account


Guest blogpost from Anna Fedor (postdoc at Eötvös University, Budapest)

I honestly don’t remember how I joined the Reproducibility Project. I looked up the first e-mail that had the words “Reproducibility Project” in my google account and it was a thank you note from the Open Science Collaboration for responding a survey. It was January 2013, my daughter was 3 months old, which might explain the blur. At the end of the e-mail, it says “If you expressed an interest in helping with any of our projects, we’ll get in touch with you within the next week.” So I must have ticked a box saying that I was interested!

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Why “Cogtales” sounds funny (especially for a German)



Now here is a fun fact for those of you that are not studying language.* For me, “Cogtales” sounds exactly like “cocktails” and I cannot say the two words so that they sound differently… Ooops! Now why is that? There are several reasons, in fact.

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On Gating Research


ResearchGate – a social networking site for researchers to interact, connect, and to share papers and knowledge. Since its foundation in 2008, it has by now a (self-reported) 8 million users, and its press coverage has been mostly positive. Interestingly, the rather enthusiastic press articles are contrasting with more critical voices from inside the research community (for instance here or here). Main points of criticism are

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