The Stereotype Trap


That women in science and in the professional world in general are subject to gender biases with real consequences (lower pay, less career opportunities) goes without saying. In this context, I find it important to be aware of how easy it is to be biased myself. Not in order to justify, but to better understand. I have recently made two experiences with my own and fellow female researchers’ biases, in situations where I somewhat slipped into a man’s skin.

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Love Letters from Marie Curie


It’s That Time of The Year again. Talented* junior researchers all over Europe and the world receive that magical email containing the promise of joy and a better life: They get notified of having successfully gained a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship, arguably one of the best things that can happen to a postdoc in Europe. For those who do not know why, a few key characteristics :

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How to choose the correct address in emails?


Having emailed fellow researchers around the world, I noted some differences in ways of addressing people that for some might be offensive and for others very polite. I often struggle when trying to decide how to address someone and over the time have derived the one main rule that allows me to finish any mail at all: However my email correspondent signs is how I call them. I don’t mean their fancy signature with all honorary degrees, but the words that are usually preceded by “Best, …” or “Regards, …”. Surprisingly often for my German sensibilities, this is a first name. Of course, there is this dreaded first email to someone you have not been introduced to (otherwise the introducer would take care of name choices, phew).

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